Thunderwing Jet Pack

The Action Man Thunderwing Jet Pack contains:

  • Jet pack with 2 launchers.
  • 6 missiles.
  • 6 bombs.
  • Label sheet and instructions.

Over 33cm Wingspan and 2 Anti-X Launchers. Drops 6 bombs!

Each engine compartment of the Action Man Thunderwing Jet Pack holds 3 missiles and can be rotated to drop the bombs. The spring-loaded Anti-X launchers fire the missiles. The chassis features pegs to hold 4 of the missiles with 2 in the Anti-X launchers. A black handle piece attaches to the top of the chassis so you can hold the Thunderwing Jet Pack in flight!

Mission Card

A huge airship has been spotted over the Amazon rainforest.

Dr. X and Professor Gangrene are on board. The airship is filled with toxic gas, which the pair are threatening to release to poison the forest and its wildlife.

Fire up the Thunderwing Jet Pack and using its precision missiles destroy their command pod slung underneath the airship. The airship will then drift harmlessly into the atmosphere.

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