The Taking of Monte Carillo

Inside the hill known as Monte Carillo the Germans had set up an intricate communications system with their men on the ground. Nothing could move on the plain without being seen and then blown to pieces. The Allied tanks and infantry had been devastated; the bridgehead had come to a halt.

Trapped in a bombed-out village with a handful of men, Action Man and G.I. Joe knew that Monte Carillo had to be put out of action. It was an impossible mission – but they had to achieve to impossible.

The Tkaing of Monte Carillo – one of a series of exciting World War II adventure stories with Action Man and his pal G.I. Joe.

By Mike Brogan

ISBN 0 552 52075 6

Price UK 50p / Australia $1.45 / New Zealand £1.70

Published by Corgi Carousel.

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