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In 1992 Hasbro tested the demand for 12″ action figures and the return of Action Man by releasing 4 limited edition Action Man branded G.I. Joe figures.

Code Name: Snake-Eyes Commando

 File Name: Classified
 SN: Classified
 Primary Military Speciality:  Infantry
 Secondary Military Speciality:  Hand-To-Hand Combat Instructor
 Birthplace:  Classified
 Grade:  E-7

Next time you’re on night patrol and you hear what sounds like a breeze passing through the underbrush, look again. It’s probably Snake-Eyes.

  1. Government issued , metal I. D. plates (Dog Tags).
  2. Special issue soft sole commando boots.
  3. F.B.P. all weather, half-pint backpack.
  4. Ninja clan katana.
  5. Knife with sheath.
  6. Uzi submachine gun.
  7. U.S. military T.L.V.D. outer vest layered over kefvlar protective vest.
  8. Face mask with goggles.
  9. Mylar reinforced Ninja combat suit.


1992 saw Hasbro test the market for Action Man’s return in the UK by releasing 4 limited edition 12″ figures under the name of Action Man.

Code Name: Duke Master Sergeant

File Name: Hauser, Conrad S.
 SN: 234-09-7789
 Primary Military Speciality: Ranger
 Secondary Military Speciality: G-2 Military Intelligence
 Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri
 Grade: E-8 (Master Sergeant)

“I’m going to rush that machine gun nest, and when I get there, all you useless profiles better be behind me.”

  1. Authentically styled U.S. Army BDU (Battle Dress Uniform).
  2. Government issued, metal I.D. plates (Dog Tags).
  3. FBP-90, all weather backpack.
  4. “Fritz” style combat helmet
  5. Stinger dagger with rip-proof sheath.
  6. Infantry man’s 9mm pistol with holster.
  7. MAS-62mm combat assault rifle.
  8. Standard issue desert terrain battle footwear.