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X-Chopper Kit

Action Man X-Chopper Kit accessory set for Dr. X and his X-Chopper. Includes helmet, spring-loaded missile firing baseball bat and missile, boots, trousers and sunglasses.

Age 4+

Dr. X (1999)

The 1999 version of Dr. X came with a gripping mechanical left arm. The arm’s hand opened and closed as you wound the green key on the side of the arm. The figure also came with removable grey trousers and removable boots.

Age 3+


  • New Mohican haircut.
  • Heavy duty mechanical arm.
  • Full metal boots.
  • Turn key and hand really works!

Dr. X (2000)

A new Dr. X figure was released in 2000. It featured a spring loaded left arm that swung a soft “wrecking ball” accessory. The figure came with removable purple trousers, removable toe-capped boots and the wrecking ball accessory.

Dr. X was released on a blister card.

Dr. X

The evil Dr. X has been Action Man’s arch-enemy since 1997. The following details are from the 1997 Action Man Annual: The Omega Mission.

Real Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Barber: Unknown

Known Accomplices: The Skullmen,  School Bullies, Girls.

Known Methods: Theft, Bribery, Corruption, Black-mail, Larceny, Anything. You name it he’s done it!

Reward(s): Too many to list here. Capture Doctor X, dead or alive, and be prepared to be honoured by every nation in the world!

Beware of his left hand. It has been known to fly off at inopportune moments.

Several versions of Dr. X were released over the years, each with different action features.