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Ultimate Assault Gear

Action Man Ultimate Assault Gear accessory set.

The most complete collection of Action Man weapons and gear! For the hero who wants to hit bad guys and hit them hard… The Ultimate Assault Gear is just what today’s Action Man combat soldier needs!

Includes: vest, helmet, beret, goggles, 3 machine guns, sword, luger pistol, pistol, 2 holsters, knife and sheath, watch, 2 black hand grenades, 2 silver hand grenades, 2 gold hand grenades, briefcase, spring-loaded missile launcher, missile, spring-loaded grappling hook launcher, 2 piece grappling hook, rope.

Ages 3+

The Ultimate Assault Gear was a repackaged version of the GI Joe set of the same name. The knife bears the GI Joe logo and the samurai sword features the Arashikagi logo on the blade.