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Supercharger 4×4

The Action Man Turbo 4×4 or Supercharger 4×4 was released in 1999. The Turbo 4×4 came in a box with Mission Cards, 6 firing missiles, seatbelts, steering wheel and removable engine. The photo below shows a pre-production version of the toy without the pop-up radiator grille.

Supercharger 4x4

The Turbo 4×4 fired it’s missiles as the car was pushed along the ground if the engine block was clicked in to place. The “engine” rotated with the wheels and the missiles fired one at a time as the engine rotated. Pushing the engine down until it clicked in to place also popped up the radiator grille enabling the missiles to fire freely. The rear of the 4×4 had a post moulded in to it that would accept the fuel can from the 4×4 Kit accessory set.

The Action Man Supercharger 4×4 was reissued several times as the Raid 4×4, in red and black.


Action Man Bowman

The Action Man Bowman figure was released in 1999 in window box packaging and featured:

  • Removable boots
  • Removable trousers
  • Removable body armour
  • Compound bow and arrows
  • Special feature body: press the button on Action Man’s arm to release his grip on the bow string and shoot his arrows!
  • Flock hair
  • Mission Card