Operation Sky-Drop

Operation Sky-Drop was under way. The objective: to capture two vital bridges so that the Allied advance could cross the river.

The plane towing the glider carrying Action Man and G.I. Joe and their men was hit, and the glider had to make a crash landing. They found themselves off target, in the evacuated town of Rachen. They were on the wrong side of the river and they had a Panzer division with over 30 tanks breathing down their necks. Action Man knew that if those tanks reached the main task force, the Allied advance would fail. There was only one answer – Action Man and G.I. Joe had to put those tanks out of action…

Operation Sky-Drop – one of a series of exciting World War II adventure stories with Action Man and his pal G.I. Joe.

By Mike Brogan

ISBN 0 552 52076 4

Price UK 50p / Australia $1.45 / New Zealand £1.70

Published by Corgi Carousel.

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