Mission Jet Pilot

Code name: Jet Pilot
Speciality: Stealth Mission

A distress call has been received from a top US military base reporting an air strike in porgress from a squad of Dr. X’s jet fighters.

Dr X has created a clever diversion. While the Government base is under attack, he is racing towards anothe objective: a secret test site some 27 miles away. His pize: the latest experimental jet fighter prototype!

The Stealth Jet’s awesome firepower is essential to end the situation at the Air base, yet X must be stopped. Deploy the Stealth Bike in pursuit of X – and intercept him. The Jet can continue on its original course and disperse the attacking skullmen!

GB2877 203
Ages 3+

Advanced breathing apparatus with removable visor
Electronically controlled anti g-force suit
High power pulse weapon

Action Man does not identify with any known living person. Includes: New articulated body, pistol, head gear, body suit, boots, mission card and cross-sell leaflet.

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