Hold The Bridge

If the American offensive was going to succeed, the Bridge at Breve had to be captured from the Germans. Without control of the bridge the offensive couldn’t succeed – and thousands of lives would be lost.

The Germans were waiting for the task force – and the attack was totally crushed. But the plane carrying Action Man and his men had been hit and the commandos had had to bale out early. With only a handful of men Action Man knew the chances of taking the bridge were remote – but they had to try. And then Action Man met G.I. Joe and the odds swung a little in their favour.

Hold The Bridge – one of a series of exciting World War II adventure stories with Action Man and his pal G.I. Joe.

By Mike Brogan

ISBN 0 552 52075 6

Price UK 50p / Australia $1.45 / New Zealand £1.70

Published by Corgi Carousel.

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