Gyro Copter

The Action Man Gyro Copter was release in a picture box in 1998. Woolworths in the UK sold the Gyro Copter with an exclusive Gyro Pilot action figure which was stuck to the side of the box in it’s own window box.


Message: A series of night raids have been reported; witnesses describe a savage thug riding a customised chopper bike.

Cause: This bad-to-the-bone biker is the notorious Dr. X, a one man crime wave who continues to escape capture!

Mission: Use the Gyro Copter to track Dr. X through the city. Locate him with the searchlight, then blast him off the streets!


The Action Man Gyro Copter came with:

  • Vehicle
  • 4 missiles
  • decal sheet
  • instruction leaflet
  • mission card
  • cross-sell
  • Working Searchlight! Requires batteries (not included).
  • Missiles Fire!
Action Man Gyro Copter

The mission card mentions Dr. X and the X-Chopper vehicle.

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