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The Tough Way Out by Mike Brogan

The Tough Way Out

The mission was more than successful. Action Man, G.I. Joe and their two companions had blown the railway tunnel sky-high, but as they headed for the beach, they came face to face with a German patrol, fifty strong. There was no escape.

Taken to the impregnable POW camp known as ‘The Mill’, they began to understand why no-one had ever escaped from it. But Action Man and G.I. Joe weren’t going to let that stop them. The escape plan was improbable and the odds stacked against them, but there was just a chance they might succeed…

By Mike Brogan

ISBN 0 552 52085 3

Price UK 50p / Australia $1.45 / New Zealand £1.70

Published by Corgi Carousel.


Tom Stone

Released in 1976 Tom Stone was a black commando action figure. He was equipped with a green cloth beret, camouflage jacket and trousers, black boots and a Heckler and Koch sub-machine gun. The doll had black flocked hair, gripping hands and his body was marked “1975 Hasbro Ind Inc Pawtucket R.I.02861 Pat Pending Made IN Hong Kong.” Tom Stone’s catalogue number was 324070.

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe (a.k.a. Joe Colton) was created in 1964 by Hasbro and was the original “action figure” as the term “doll” deemed was perceived to be unattractive to boys. G.I. Joe was an instant hit and shortly afterwards Palitoy licensed the rights to G.I. Joe from Hasbro and created Action Man for the European market.

G.I. Joe appears in many of the late 1970’s Action Man books helping Action Man fight the Nazis or Japanese in World War II.

The Intruder

The Intruder was introduced to the Action Man universe in 1976 and was billed as “Action Man’s Greatest Enemy.” The Intruder was another figure licensed from Hasbro and featured a “bear hug” mechanism that worked by pressing a button on the back of the doll. The doll is marked “Hasbro 1976”

Captain Zargon

1980’s rigid hard vinyl bodied figure. Comes with Laser sword, boots, vest, armour and visor. Printed electronic “circuits” on Captain Zargon’s legs and chest. The visor was available in red, green or clear plastic.

Beware of his stingray eyes!

Captain Zargon


Krunch was a limited edition figure released in 1996 in a window box with a mini Marvel comic.

Code Name: Krunch

Real Name: Duane Curtis

Background: Professional Boxer

Role: Secret Team Extreme operative

Age: 29

Specialty: Combines physical strength and fitness with extensive tactical knowledge.

Weapons: Unarmed, Krunch is a deadly weapon.

Notes: The newest addition to the team has a score to settle with Dr. X!

Includes: Articulated body, shorts, world championship belt, trainer style boots, trademark golden boxing gloves, Marvel comic and I.D. card (in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese).

Wear belt as wrist band!

Ages 3+

Asst. No. 27879 176