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Swamp Fighter

Action Man Swamp Fighter accessory set. Contains: snake, boots, trousers, 2 machetes, rifle, spring-loaded missile launcher and missile.

Ages 3+

Medic Rescue

Action Man Medic Rescue accessory set. Includes: backpack with flag, crutch, leg cast, arm sling, stethoscope, white helmet, bandage, watch, knife, rope, machine gun with spring-loaded missile launcher and missile and 2 hand grenades.

Age 3+

Camouflage Kit

Action Man Camouflage Kit accessory set. Includes: comouflage hat, camouflage trousers, camouflage kit bag, machine gun with folding stock and strap, swimming goggles with snorkel, flippers, knife and sheath.

The camouflage kit contains extra equipment for the Jungle Explorer Driver figure.

Age 3+

Ultimate Assault Gear

Action Man Ultimate Assault Gear accessory set.

The most complete collection of Action Man weapons and gear! For the hero who wants to hit bad guys and hit them hard… The Ultimate Assault Gear is just what today’s Action Man combat soldier needs!

Includes: vest, helmet, beret, goggles, 3 machine guns, sword, luger pistol, pistol, 2 holsters, knife and sheath, watch, 2 black hand grenades, 2 silver hand grenades, 2 gold hand grenades, briefcase, spring-loaded missile launcher, missile, spring-loaded grappling hook launcher, 2 piece grappling hook, rope.

Ages 3+

Operations Kit

Action Man Operations Kit accessory set. Includes dog tags, machete, headset with microphone, pistol, P90 machine gun, machine gun, spring-loaded missile launcher, missile and belt.

Ages 4+

Kit Security Mission

Action Man Kit Security Mission accessory set. Contains bank vault, tube and detonator. Press the detonator’s plunger down to blow the vault door off!

Bank vault doubles as a money bank for real coins.

Push plunger to activate door.

Age 4+

Polar Bike

Action Man Polar Bike vehicle. Contains Polar Bike, 2 missiles, mission cards and cross-sell leaflet.

Press Action Man logo to fire missile.

Pull down footrests to support bike.


  • Thermo-charged missiles
  • High-tensile snow chains
  • Skid-foot supports


Dr. X’s base located in frozen wasteland.


Dr. X is experimenting with chemical freezing.This could result in the world freezing over, and global changes in the weather systems.


You must track down Dr. X’s base and stop him. Use the Polar Bike to jump over any crevasses and speed across the glaciers, and engage the target with the Thermo missile to melt down X’s base.

Age 4+