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Action Man X-Catcher action figure. Comes with special body featuring a moulded t-shirt, spring-loaded missile firing capture weapon, capture claw, baseball cap, armour, knife, pistol, holster, sunglasses, headset, jeans and boots.

X-Catcher was available boxed and as a blister carded figure.

Ages 4+


Action Man Airport Police Accessory Set

Airport Police

Action Man Airport Police accessory set. Contains:

  • Beret
  • Flak vest
  • Shirt
  • Trousers
  • Boots
  • Machine gun
  • Night stick
  • Checkpoint sign

The plane on the backing card of this set is called the “Uhuru Star.”

Ages 4+

Adventure Kit

Action Man Adventure Kit accessory set. Includes: pistol, water bottle, watch, camera, canteen with knife, fork and spoon, detonator and 2 sets of explosives.

Ages 3+

Undercover Agent

Action Man Undercover Agent accessory set. Includes jacket, sunglasses, wallet and ID badge, 3 piece pistol.

The 3 piece pistol is similar to the pistol from the Palitoy Escape From Colditz set.

Age 3+

Night Creeper

Action Man Night Creeper accessory set. Contains: machine gun and bipod, spring-loaded missile launcher and missile, machine pistol, binoculars, dog tags, suction cups.

Age 4+

Infantry Pack

Action Man Infantry Pack accessory set. Includes: helmet, jacket, spring-loaded grappling hook launcher, 2 part grappling hook, rope, abseil frame.

Ages 3+

Action Man Infantry Pack Carded

Infantry Pack Instructions