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Action Man Annual 1984

79 pages.

ISBN: 85037 943 1

Price: £2.75

Action Man’s gallery of trail blazers 4
Two pints for the Panzers 9
Snowfall 12
Jolly Jokes 17
The Gallant Enemy 18
Four seconds from Eternity 21
The Island of No Return 24
Badges of the Brave: Pipes of glory 31
Badges 33
Batle Honours: Pegasus Bridge 36
Pioneers of the air 38
Ambush 41
Fidosaurus 45
New York’s super fire fighter 46
Air Battle Quiz 48
Pocket-sized Protector 49
Battle Honours: The Panzer Poachers 50
Flying Teapot 52
Badges of the Brave: The Password is Courage 58
The Death or Glory Boys 60
Action in the sky 62
Off peak travel 64
‘Indians’ 66
Mighty Monsters 68
Ant Attack 70
Sea Battle Quiz 73
Fidosaurus 74
Land Battle Quiz 75
Hide and Seek Hunter 76
Invaders from Outer Space 78
Saved by the Men of the SAS 79

Published by IPC Magazines Ltd., King’s Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS, England.

Captain Zargon

1980’s rigid hard vinyl bodied figure. Comes with Laser sword, boots, vest, armour and visor. Printed electronic “circuits” on Captain Zargon’s legs and chest. The visor was available in red, green or clear plastic.

Beware of his stingray eyes!

Captain Zargon