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Z Force Jeep


The Action Force Z Force Jeep came with one action figure, codename “Wheels.” Wheels used the same mould as the Z Force Infantryman figure but had red waist pouches. Some Z Force Jeeps were sold with the normal Infantryman figure however.

The Jeep came with one machine gun and a black aerial. The Jeep was a recoloured version of the AF3 and was available in a window box (1983) and a card box (1984).

Z Force Jeep

SAS Force Panther and Stalker

SAS Force Panther and Stalker

The SAS Force Panther jeep is a re-coloured versions of the GI Joe VAMP jeep. Stalker is a renamed GI Joe Snake-Eyes action figure. The Panther comes with 2 removable fuel cans and a rotating and tilting rear-mounted cannon with moving barrels. Stalker comes with a satchel and an Uzi machine gun. The Panther and Stalker were released in 1983 in window box packaging and repackaged in a full cardboard box in 1984.

The Panther is available with black or yellow roll bars. The early releases of the Panther feature painted on logos, the later releases have stickers.

Red Shadows Hyena and Red Jackal

Hyena and Red Jackal

The Red Shadows Hyena is a restickered version of the GI Joe H.I.S.S. tank and comes with a Red Jackal action figure (a GI Joe Destro action figure with a Red Shadows logo on his chest). The Hyena features a rotating turret and tilting guns, opening cockpit and a tow hook. The Hyena and Red Jackal was released in 1983 in a window box.

Z Force Battle Tank

Z Force Battle Tank and Steeler

The Z Force Battle Tank was a recoloured version of the GI Joe MOBAT tank and came with an action figure, Steeler. The tank is motorized and can be move forwards and backwards by clicking the top turret forwards or backwards. The tank features an extendable main gun, a smaller turret mounted machine gun and a tow hook. It takes 2 D sized batteries.

Steeler comes with a black Uzi pistol, a red helmet and a grey visor that attaches to his helmet.