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Captain Zargon

1980’s rigid hard vinyl bodied figure. Comes with Laser sword, boots, vest, armour and visor. Printed electronic “circuits” on Captain Zargon’s legs and chest. The visor was available in red, green or clear plastic.

Beware of his stingray eyes!

Captain Zargon


Krunch was a limited edition figure released in 1996 in a window box with a mini Marvel comic.

Code Name: Krunch

Real Name: Duane Curtis

Background: Professional Boxer

Role: Secret Team Extreme operative

Age: 29

Specialty: Combines physical strength and fitness with extensive tactical knowledge.

Weapons: Unarmed, Krunch is a deadly weapon.

Notes: The newest addition to the team has a score to settle with Dr. X!

Includes: Articulated body, shorts, world championship belt, trainer style boots, trademark golden boxing gloves, Marvel comic and I.D. card (in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese).

Wear belt as wrist band!

Ages 3+

Asst. No. 27879 176