Action Man Is Back (Again)!

Like the hard nut we know and love Action Man refuses to die and is coming back from another hiatus. French website Fulgropop has posted a sneak preview of the new Action Man figures.
Action Man Basic Range
These new figures look basic but feature all new uniforms, new dog tag, window boxes and an all new body and head sculpt. The new look Action Soldier, Action Pilot (and it’s a safe bet to say there’s and Action Sailor too) are aimed at 3 years old and up. The Fulgropop site says they’ll be available at Christmas but our understanding is these figures will be available from October. Priced at around £15 each these Action Man figures are aimed at the younger age of the market.

We also know there are more “collector” focused figures on the way, similar to 2017’s 50th Anniversary editions that will look more like the VAM we know and love.

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