Arctic Mission

4th April 2024 Director

The Action Man Arctic Mission accessory set was released on blister card packaging. The Arctic Mission accessories use the Mission System pegs and holes connectors to connect to each other and other Mission System parts. Contents: Ages 3+.

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Space Arms

16th December 2023 Director

The Action Man Space Ranger Space Arms accessories were released in 1977 on shrink-wrapped cards. There were 5 sets in total and were the space equivalent of the Small Arms accessory cards. These futuristic weapons were designed to give the Action Man Space Rangers a firepower boost against the evil Captain Zargon and his Zargonite […]

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Dr. X (1998)

27th November 2023 Director

The 1998 Action Man Dr. X action figure was released in a window box and was a companion figure to the Dr. X Chopper bike.

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Dr. X Chopper


The Dr. X Chopper vehicle was released boxed in 1998. The X-Chopper Kit was an accessory pack for this vehicle.

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Gyro Pilot


The Action Man Gyro Pilot was a Woolworths exclusive Action Man figure which was released in 1997 in a box stuck to the side of the Gyro Copter with a promotional sticker. The 2 items together cost £28.95. Contents: The Action Man Gyro Pilot includes: The same outfit was released without the figure on a […]

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Arctic Diver

7th September 2023 Director

The Action Man Arctic Diver was released by Hasbro in 1997 in window box packaging. The Action Man figure had white moulded gloves for hands. Contents

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Action Man Cutter Extreme

Cutter Extreme

5th September 2023 Director

Action Man Cutter Extreme was released in 1999 by Hasbro in a window box. Like the Silver Speeder Driver figure the Cutter Extreme figure is prone to discolouration. Contents

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Ninja Set

1st September 2023 Director

The Action Man Ninja Set accessory set was released by Hasbro in 1996. It was a companion set to the Action Man Ninja action figure. Contents:

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Action Man Street Mission box

Action Man Mission Street Luge

31st August 2023 Director

Action Man Street Mission (aka Street Luge) was released in 2000 in a window box. Street Mission had a special feature body that contained a pull-back-and-go motor to allow Street Mission to “luge” across a flat surface. The body also had a pivoting spring-loading missile launcher attached to one arm. Mission Street Luge: Message: Dr. […]

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Action Force Space Force Cosmic Cruiser and Pilot

Space Force Cosmic Cruiser

22nd August 2023 Director

The Action Force Space Force Cosmic Cruiser was released in 1983 by Palitoy. The Cosmic Cruiser was available in a window box and came with a Space Pilot action figure with a helmet and visor. The Cosmic Cruiser had 2 removable blue antennas.

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