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Thai Mission

Action Man Thai Mission accessory set. Comes with vambraces, pistol and Mission System gas mask, harness, weapon frame and attachment.

Thai Mission was available on 2 different card backs.

Ages 3+

Action Man Thai Mission

Tokyo Extreme

Action Man Tokyo Extreme action figure. Features special feature body, extreme tattoo, spinning missile, protective gauntlet.

  • Spin left arm clockwise until it clicks
  • Aim the right arm to approximately 10 o’clock and attach the missile
  • Push and hold the button to release the missile

Ages 6+

Polar Mission Kit

Action Man Polar Mission Kit accessory set. Includes ice axe, shovel, walking poles and P90 machine gun.

The Polar Kit used the Mission System interlocking mechanism so pieces could be combined to create new pieces of equipment.

Ages 3+