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Sub Aqua

Special Feature Body – Press button for real diver’s bubbles! Comes with knife accessory.

Ages 4+

Net Trapper

Action Man Net Trapper action figure. Includes hat, trousers, boots, net launcher and net.


  • Super Articulated Body
  • Utility Survival Jacket
  • High-Powered Net Launcher
  • Net Propulsion Missiles
  • Weighted Capture Net


Krunch was a limited edition figure released in 1996 in a window box with a mini Marvel comic.

Code Name: Krunch

Real Name: Duane Curtis

Background: Professional Boxer

Role: Secret Team Extreme operative

Age: 29

Specialty: Combines physical strength and fitness with extensive tactical knowledge.

Weapons: Unarmed, Krunch is a deadly weapon.

Notes: The newest addition to the team has a score to settle with Dr. X!

Includes: Articulated body, shorts, world championship belt, trainer style boots, trademark golden boxing gloves, Marvel comic and I.D. card (in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese).

Wear belt as wrist band!

Ages 3+

Asst. No. 27879 176