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L.S.V. Commander

Action Man L.S.V. Commander accessory set. Comes with boots, goggles, helmet with microphone, P90 machine gun, jacket and trousers.

Radio frequencies around the world are being jammed, resulting in confusion.

From a secret swampland hideout Dr. X has launched a spy satellite.

As commander of the L.S.V., locate and destroy Dr. X’s launch site control centre.

The L.S.V. Commander outfit was available in a book card style packaging.


Action Man X-Catcher action figure. Comes with special body featuring a moulded t-shirt, spring-loaded missile firing capture weapon, capture claw, baseball cap, armour, knife, pistol, holster, sunglasses, headset, jeans and boots.

X-Catcher was available boxed and as a blister carded figure.

Ages 4+


Airport Police

Action Man Airport Police accessory set. Contains: beret, flak vest, shirt, trousers, boots, machine gun, night stick, checkpoint sign.

The plane on the backing card of this set is called the “Uhuru Star.”

Ages 4+

Adventure Kit

Action Man Adventure Kit accessory set. Includes: pistol, water bottle, watch, camera, canteen with knife, fork and spoon, detonator and 2 sets of explosives.

Ages 3+

Undercover Agent

Action Man Undercover Agent accessory set. Includes jacket, sunglasses, wallet and ID badge, 3 piece pistol.

The 3 piece pistol is similar to the pistol from the Palitoy Escape From Colditz set.

Age 3+

Night Creeper

Action Man Night Creeper accessory set. Contains: machine gun and bipod, spring-loaded missile launcher and missile, machine pistol, binoculars, dog tags, suction cups.

Age 4+